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Tto's two most important goals are to increase proficiency and to effect international orientation.
There's a world of possible internationalisation activities for students: exchanges and e-mail projects with foreign students (…)
These activities encourage students and teachers to communicate in a different language, and bring them in direct contact with other cultures. This broadens the horizons of students, teachers and partners alike. While having to manage on their own in a strange environment, students also get to know themselves a lot better.
Internationalisation is becoming profoundly ingrained in tto, at different levels. European and International Orientation (EIO) is an integral part of the tto curriculum and school policy, ensuring that more attention is paid to international subjects in regular classes, as well. Often, those classes will help prepare for activities such as those mentioned above, thus increasing the interactive nature and coherence of the curriculum even further.

This wiki has been created so that you can enjoy following the Maasland college exchanges.

Maasland participates in a variety of exchanges to many different countries. We also take part in email projects with a variety of schools and these too can be followed using these pages

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